Congratulations! If you are at a point where you need to write a dissertation abstract, this means that you are working on your final thesis! Writing a dissertation abstract usually comes after you complete at least the first draft of your paper. Also known as the executive summary, this section of your assignment needs to explore what you are working on in your dissertation project.

It is not uncommon for students to buy this chapter from dissertation writing service. Many are unfamiliar with the process of creating one, don’t know how to summarize the paper in just a few sentences, and fear that their abstract won’t leave a great impression right away.

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What Is a Dissertation Abstract?

The abstract in a dissertation or a thesis is a very short summary that consists of the most important points of the paper and the research. It can range from a few sentences to a page, but this will vary depending on your thesis and academic institution. When writing an abstract for a dissertation, students need to be very careful about not revealing the findings of the paper or any similar details.

While abstracts are often called executive summaries, these two terms do have a difference. A simple abstract will share what the research is about to prompt the reader to check the remaining of the paper and give them some general information. Executive summaries might also explore some of the findings, but this will, once again, depend on where and what you study.

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Our Short Guide on How to Write a Dissertation Abstract

To help you understand this paper better, we’ve created a short list of things that should be included in a dissertation abstract. When writing abstract for dissertation, students should include the following information in a few sentences:

  • What the research is about
  • The purpose of the research i.e. why you decided to pursue that topic
  • The importance of the research
  • The methodology you used to come up with the results
  • Findings, if requested
  • Implications of the findings

In order to write it well, you need to understand why abstracts are required in the first place. This will help you determine what goes in the abstract and what doesn.t

Generally speaking, there are two purposes of this chapter. The first is to inform people about the purpose and background of your research. By reading this chapter, people will know what your paper is about without having to read it entirely.

The second purpose is to inform dissertation databases, whether in your school or online, as well as search engines to make indexing your dissertation simpler.

Knowing this, the abstract is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a highly important part of your dissertation that you cannot do poorly. This is why many students today request our thesis writing help with this task. Whether you need us to go through your dissertation and write this part or write the entire piece and add the abstract, we offer all sorts of services to our customers.

How Long Should a Dissertation Abstract Be?

Many students wonder about the dissertation abstract length – and for a good reason. This chapter is usually very short and to the point, and the word count can differ depending on where you study.

In most cases, abstracts are 1 paragraph long. For longer and more complex dissertations that require more introduction, this can go up to 500 words and reach a maximum of one page. Even so, the majority of abstracts are very short and to the point.

How We’ll Help You With Your Dissertation Abstract

We have been writing abstracts for students’ dissertations and theses for a very long time. Our experts not only know how this is done, but they have created the most amazing pieces of academic work. Over the years, our company has been known to deliver excellence.

There are a few things that our abstracts all have in common:

  • We describe your research’s purpose and value. Our abstracts will tell people what your research aims to do, why you chose it, and why it’s important.
  • We’ll outline your work briefly. It’s hard to narrow down a hundreds of pages long task into a short paragraph or two, especially if you’ve written it. We are amazing at this and will outline what you’ve done briefly. We’ll discuss the sample you used, how you collected your data, how you analyzed it, what approaches you picked, etc.
  • We’ll present findings and implications. Lastly, in just a few sentences, we’ll highlight the key findings without disclosing too much. Finally, we’ll describe your research’s implications so that the reader can know the most important things about your research without having to read it in its entirety.

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Your abstract gives an overall view of your paper and is an important part of the writing process. A good abstract will encourage the reader to read further on. Many people get frustrated trying to put a good abstract together and it can be very stressful. A poor abstract will detract from the whole paper and turn an otherwise brilliant paper into a mediocre one. This doesn't have to be the case. Let us write an abstract that will ensure success.

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